How To Eat Raw On A Budget

Society is evolving towards a more health conscious lifestyle. Even stars and celebs all over the globe seem to have found a new revolutionary diet. They claim that raw food keeps them healthy, slim, fit, young and beautiful. But many feel overwhelmed and wonder how to eat raw on a budget?

Veganism or plant foods have become the top subject for all who wish to create a change. For themselves, their loved ones and also the environment.

The internet is flooded with success-stories of people who lost amazing amounts of weight and healed their bodies from disease and pain. Some even say they reversed the aging process and got the energy level of their youth back. Others report how they found happiness through eating fully raw.

Is this dietary evolution just reserved for the rich and famous? Can it actually be a real life-changer for everyone, regardless of their financial background?

The Bottom Line Is This:

On a raw vegan diet you are consuming plants. There’s nothing cheaper to buy than plant foods.
What’s more is that you are not cooking food, so you save on electricity too! That’s not all. You also save precious time and energy which you can invest in other fields of your interest.

I can hear you raise the question: ‘But what about organic whole plant based food? Aren’t they more expensive?’
Yes. Still, there many ways to get good quality while saving money and getting more bang for the buck!

Here Are 5 Tips On How To Eat Raw On A Budget:


• Compare prices! Find out which produce to buy from where. Get the best offer.

• Contact local farmers and ask for a price/produce list. Some farmers fill baskets on a weekly basis for a special price.

• Before you buy expensive kitchen machines and tools research online and read reviews.


• Buying seasonal food from local farmers is a great choice. Their produce doesn’t need shipment and storage. It is therefore more fresh and less pricey than supermarket offers.

• Local and seasonal produce holds many benefits to your health and wallet. Local produce connects you to the environment in which you live. Seasonal plant foods supply your body with nutrients it actually needs to function properly according to your environment.


• Seek out places in your area that sell whole plant foods in bulk. Store everything in glass jars and stuck up on nuts, seeds, flours and sun-dried (dehydrated) produce.

• Surf the internet for amazing ‘buy in bulk’ offers.


• Dehydrate produce utilizing direct sunlight. You don’t have to purchase a dehydrator and save on energy consumption. Place everything on a mesh-screen and cover with a fine net to avoid insects eating your food.

• Plant your own herbs, veggies and fruits in your garden or on your balcony. You can also raise plants indoors in front of windows.


• Sprouting is an amazing inexpensive way to get nutrient dense food into your system. It can easily be done on any kitchen counter. All you need is an open lid jar covered with a net. Rinse twice daily until it sprouts. Enjoy your sprouts on foods like salads, in wraps, juiced or even blended into smoothies.

What are your experiences or question about how to eat raw on a budget? Leave your comments below. Share your thoughts with me and our health conscious community. I’m happy to answer all your questions. 🙂

Stay RAWsome!

Aurora Ray

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