This time around is all about the empowerment of us as a race. It is not an easy task that is upon us. We are facing thousands of years of abuse, control and manipulation.
False programming to serve a malevolent elite as a slave race has caused us to behave in ways that did not serve our highest good.

We have loaded karma onto ourselves and we are more or less trapped in this circle that forces us to repeat patterns.

But we as a race are rising and awakening to higher consciousness. We are recognizing these patterns and against all odds, we are finding our way out of the rat race.
Of course, it is quite a challenge we are facing. As we awaken to higher truth we clearly see how we have been abused and this brings up all kinds of emotional trauma.

We’re done fighting.

But does that mean we lay down the weapons which we are just about to rediscover we always owned?

We are peaceful warriors of love and light and we will not give up the fight for freedom, abundance, equality, peace and above all love. It is our birthright. We know this now and we rather die another thousand deaths than to give up on our truth this time.
We are still standing and we are standing strong.
But our way out is to find balance within. Our way out is to find peace and love with each other, as one. Together we rise, divided we fall.

This fight is a peaceful one and fighting and love resonate with different realities. We need a new word for ‘fight’! And so let’s strive to achieve what is our inherent right.

It is here where we get fully aware that we belong and depend on each other.

The sacred dance of creation is performed by female and male in harmony.
As we combine the power of both genders we shift out of the matrix control system and we become invincible.

Man and woman alike are awakening to the truth of their inherent beings as god creators.

The awakened woman becomes aware over her abuse that took place over eons of time and she is no longer willing to take it. She is claiming her birthright with all her might.
An awakened woman is conscious of her roles as a goddess, a crazy lover, a priestess, a warrior and a queen. All t
his powerful conscious woman wants is to surrender to the man who loves every aspect of her entire being. She wants a conscious man who is not afraid of a warrior queen. A man who stays present in his truth with priestess and wild woman alike.

To love a Goddess is a brave act in a world that is reigned by fear.

It requires a god, a crazy lover, a priest, a warrior and a king, all in one male.

This is the awakened man who has become conscious of his abuse and misguidance over eons of time. He knows he has been energetically trapped in his lower chakras and he is ready to embody the full grace of his being. He is aware of his powers and different roles as a creator. He is ready.

A wild man breaks down those boundaries set by his male ego mind but only if he stays present in his presence.

A wild woman has a male ego mind too. The priestess in her wants to shed this layer as she knows it will bring peace to her and to the earth she walks.

The female energy on the planet represents the source of creation. The male energy represents how this energy can be utilized. Only together will they be able to rise to their highest god self and bring peace upon themselves and the world they live in.

As the awakened man embodies his godly, kingly self he accepts his lover as a goddess queen. He loves her unconditionally with all his heart, mind, body and soul. This is where both find entrance to the sacred realm of sweet surrender. It lies within his acceptance for all that she is and all that she is not that she can let go of her shields and allow him into the world of divine feminine all consuming love.
It is this world we all belong to. Man and woman alike.
It is from this holy place that we understand the act of creation. It is from this sacred realm that we bring healing to this planet. It is here on this vibratory level where we activate our inherent god powers. When the two become one the kingdom of heaven will come.

There is never shame in love. There is no right-doing or wrong-doing in love. There is only acceptance, honor and surrender in love.

Let us all accept each other just the way we individually are. Let us all honor each other. Let us all surrender to love. We have come into this lifetime to surrender. Surrender, surrender and then… Surrender some more. Sweet sweet surrender only to the highest vibration of all -love.

Blessings of unconditional love to all ♥

Aurora Ray

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