-in exchange for world peace!

The age that has been whispered , rumored and spoken about is here now. What was promised to us but seemed to be a far away future fiction is manifesting now. September 2015 the Earth made her final shift into fifth dimensional consciousness and made this high frequency available to all earthlings. The age of light is upon us with all its might and we are witnessing new horizons emerge. As the sustainability of our planet is questioned like never before new possibilities and course changing technologies appear. You may think that there had been numerous scientific and technological inventions that promised to be life changing. This is true, but if you lack in detailed organization followed by powerful action the consequences are that everything is suppressed by governments who work for ‘those powers that shouldn’t be’; In regards to how things are proceeding, maybe we should get used to naming them ‘the powers that were’!

Mehran Keshe was born in Iran in 1958. As the son of an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age. In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control. He has spent the years since then completing a system for the production of gravity and energy using a radioactive hydrogen-fueled reactor that is clean and safe. (http://www.keshefoundation.org/)

Mr Keshe is the founder of the Keshe Foundation which consists of members from all over the world. These are humans who bring back the meaning of ‘humanity’. The Keshe foundation has a great vision, world peace and equality. The keen idea of the foundation is to achieve world peace through giving free energy to humanity.

The further goals of the Keshe Foundation are to target the world’s biggest problems which we are facing today:

  • Global Warming
  • Energy Shortage
  • Water Problems
  • World Hunger

With worldwide over 1,6 billion people living without electricity and about 4,000 children dying in Africa daily as a result from consuming contaminated water, these serious errors of our society could be distant problems of the past soon.


Mehran Keshe has invited the world ambassadors to a world peace conference on the 16th of October 2015 in Rome. He will be introducing his absolutely ground breaking and mind blowing work to the world and he will also provide each attending ambassador with a fully functional Plasma Energy Reactor Unit in exchange to their signature on world peace. Preparations have been set to send out several of these Plasma Energy Units to all over the globe. Some of these units will be sent to very powerful leaders. For example, to the Iranian president Rohani, the president of Armenia and the president of Nigeria. The Foundation has set clear intent and detailed organization in the realization of their courageous project, -free energy for humanity. The foundation has layed a major ground work that will ensure that this ready technology will be in the hands of enough people so that its evidence will be undeniable. Keshe has definitely placed the world leaders in the situation where they have no more choice but to collaborate and aid in the contribution of plasma units and free energy to the people of this planet.

Giving free energy to the world will have major ripples and its influence we are yet to see. But surely, world cooperations will lose a lot of power and governments will lose a lot of money. This marks the end of the oil industry too. Is this the beginning of the ultimate crash of the entire monetary system?

Keshe recently told the Saudi Prince to stop filling oil tankers and that in a few months from now, there will be no one buying them anymore. And as Keshe himself predicts, ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ will lose all control and therefor their power.

Keshe further explains how the utilization of plasma energy will enable us to travel from one side of the world to another within approximately 20 minutes without material or fuel! Teleportation will make borders an object of ridicule. Again, governments are losing total control.

The energy reactor unit offers the possibility to nourish the body with food nutrition without eating and digesting, simply through the utilization of plasma technology.

This plasma energy technology is even able to produce clean drinking water out of thin air.

Undoubtedly, Mr Keshe is a great man of integrity with a huge heart. His life work, invention and introduction of plasma energy technology to humanity is absolutely course changing the fate of all earthlings and planet earth.

Watch this video for more detailed information about a beautiful, peaceful new world dawning.

Free energy in exchange for world peace. What a divine project of such honorable beings.
Welcome to the age of light. The future is now!

Love & Light ♥

Aurora Ray