The awakening of sleeping women will bring inevitable change upon the planet.
Women are awakening from suppression, limitation and victim hood to embody the full grace of their beings.
It is the energy of the Goddess that is rising.
The moment a woman acknowledges the Goddess within she becomes unbreakable and unstoppable.

Women have been used and abused for thousands maybe eons of time.

Women have been owned, raped and sold. Disgraced, dismissed and dishonored, but She is still standing.

Woman is the sacred giver of life as it is her holy womb that was chosen by prime creator to be the portal into the physical world.

It lies within this knowing that she finds her empowerment. It is within her empowerment that this world will be healed.

As she is no longer afraid to hide her inner Goddess she breaks the cycle of condemnation.

Compassion is the gift She brings to this planet. She teaches us to care for each other and She resurrects the consciousness of the sisterhood who are the guardians of Gaia.

As this world learns to respect the sacred voice of the female and allows Her energy to manifest, peace shall be established in our realm.

Wisdom and love are Her divine weapons.
These are the feminine principles of the Goddess and they are the most powerful force of the entire universe.

This is wisdom the ancients lived after. They honored the Goddess and were guided by Her in peace.
We are remembering this wisdom that is in our blood because we carry the DNA of the ancients.

There is only ONE nation, all depending and relating to one another. We all are part of the Great Spirit. Let us revive the feminine that lives within ALL. Welcome Her into your consciousness and heart. Love the Goddess and honor Earth.


Aurora Ray

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