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Holistic Nutrition & Raw Cuisine


How To Learn And Effortlessly Implement The Top SECRETS To Healing, Super Health, Weight Loss And Longevity For Immediate Results WITHOUT Wasting Time And Money With Conflicting Information Or Hiring An Expensive Coach!

Are You Ready To…

• Heal Your Body And Establish Super Health!
• Lose Weight Effortlessly!
• Boost Your Energy Levels!
• Look And Feel Radiant Like Never Before!
• Deeply Nourish Your Body On A Cellular Level!
• Stop & Reverse Aging!
• Learn How To Effortlessly Make Gourmet Raw Food Everybody Loves…


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Level 1

Nov 23.-24. 2019



Level 2

April 25.-26. 2020



Would you like to create artful breakfasts to impress your loved ones or would you like to experiment with superfoods and green smoothies The greatest thing about breakfast is we can do all of this in one dish!

Raw vegan lunch can be light or hearty and it never fails to make you feel nourished and satisfied. The body loves that there is a plant based replacement for everyone’s favorite yummy meal!

We love desserts that look like art, taste like heaven and are good for us. Do I need to say more? Everyday please!

Intimate classes with personalized instruction allow successful integration of this hands-on life-changing experience.


Boost your health and your career with this certification program & Explore the healing power of holistic raw vegan nutrition and the culinary art of raw food cuisine!
Learn about the building blocks of optimal health, healing and happiness and create gourmet raw vegan food that nourishes bodies, elevates spirits, looks absolutely stunning and tastes super delicious. All courses emphasize proper use of equipment and preparation of ingredients, the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine. In the city center of Amsterdam, in an intimate atmosphere, you will dive deeply into the subject of veganism, raw food, superfood and medicinal food nutrition. In addition to the information-packed classes, you will prepare amazing three-course gourmet raw food menus in an effortless and joyful manner!


Nov 23., 11.00am – 5.00pm

-How can we experience a super-boost with a raw food diet?
-Why do we age and what can we do about it?
-How is the raw food diet connected to reversing the aging process?
-Why is detox so important? How’s detox promoting optimal weight, health, beauty and youth?
-What are superfoods? Why are they our health-insurance?
-Can we survive and thrive, nutritionally, on a raw and vegan diet?
-How is a raw food diet connected to healing on a quantum level?
-What are the various types of raw food diets? Are some better than others?
-How can we get enough protein from a vegan diet?
-Does a plant-based diet provide every one of the essential amino acids?
-How can we meet our recommended intake of iron and avoid anemia?
-Can raw food diets supply sufficient calcium and vitamin D for optimal bone health?
-Creation of a 3-course-gourmet-raw food menu.


Nov 24., 11.00am – 5.00pm

-Why is water the fountain of youth?
-Which role do minerals play in regards to water, the body, and longevity?
-Why is salt important for health and which salt?
-Which foods have medicinal properties?
-Does a plant-based diet supply sufficient iodine, zinc, and other trace minerals?
-What is the iodine crisis and why is it super important to know about it?
-Do we need vitamin B12 supplements?
-Are there good and bad carbohydrates?
-How do we maintain our blood sugar and energy levels between meals?
-Are some fats good for health, and some must be avoided?
-What protective components are present in raw plant foods, beyond all the vitamins, minerals, and protein?
-What are some of the benefits of raw food diets, and what are the nutritional challenges?
-How is detox connected to optimal health?
-Is it possible to heal the body from pain and reverse allergies and disease?
-Creation of a 3-course-gourmet-raw food menu.


Get the tools you need to ensure optimal health and longevity!
Take the knowledge and skills you have acquired in Level 1 of this course and deepen your knowledge and skills with our Level 2 program in Amsterdam. Discover the next level of natural healing power through holistic nutrition combined with raw vegan cuisine! Each weekend course builds on the lessons of the previous weekend and culminates in new lectures at a deeper level, a new menu, new tools and skills that are carried out by the students, including the lessons learned in the course. Every weekend includes lecture, Q & A, practical and creative exercises to test and deepen the knowledge and skills of the participants during the course.


April 25., 11.00am – 5.00pm

-What are the most common diseases and how to prevent them?
-What causes Hashimoto, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Migraines, PMS, and other common health issues?
-Why can't regular blood tests determine specific very important deficiencies?
-How is mineral deficiency related to most common diseases and how is mineral efficiency related to optimal health?
-What are the most common mineral deficiencies?
-What are the symptoms of mineral deficiency? (You will be surprised!)
-How can we become permanently efficient on a mineral level to guarantee absolute wellbeing?
-Which supplements do I really need to take?
-Why are most supplements useless when trying to become efficient and sometimes cause you even more harm?
-What do I have to consider when choosing a specific supplement?
-How can I heal naturally by taking the right supplements?
-What is the endocannabinoid system and why is CBD crucial for optimal health, beauty, and longevity?
-Creation of a 3-course-gourmet-raw food menu.


April 26., 11.00am – 5.00pm

-What does chronic fatigue or 'Burn Out' really mean and how to prevent it?
-Why are men and especially women over 35 greatly affected of suffering from fatigue or even burn out syndrome?
-How are issues like brain fog, lack of energy, problems sleeping, hormone imbalance and/or inability of losing weight all connected?
-How to aid the body in turning hormone imbalance into perfect balance?
-Why is there not a 'One Diet Fits All' solution?
-What does your blood type say about you?
-What does your metabolic type say about you and why is it crucial to finding your individually optimal diet?
-What does 'Eat Right For Your Type' really mean for you?
-We will perform an interesting test with each student to find out your metabolic type and what this means for your daily diet!
-What are the most important principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine?
-Why is the wisdom of TCM so important for a modern lifestyle?
-How can I effortlessly implement Traditional Chinese Medicine into my daily routine?
-Creation of a 3-course-gourmet-raw food menu.

These courses will provide answers to these and other common questions about raw food, vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based diets. The presentation for each topic is fun and easy to understand, and allows time for questions and discussion after each section. You will leave these courses empowered—with a firm foundation of nutritional science that will help you to successfully incorporate raw and living foods into your daily diet. In addition to the information-packed classes, you will learn to prepare a three-course-menu and medicinal elixirs each day.

There is no prerequisite for holistic nutrition & raw vegan food Amsterdam level 1 two-day course. Beginners and professionals are welcome.

After completion of level 1 of this course, you will receive a ‘Holistic Nutrition & Raw Cuisine Level 1′ Certificate. This course is required for this certification -‘Holistic Nutrition & Raw Cuisine Level 2’.

12 hours. 6hrs/day.

Course manual, seminar, grocery shopping, daily 3-course gourmet menu lunch.

Required Textbook:
Raw Living is the textbook for this course and is fully referenced and written in a way that is reader-friendly and appealing for nutrition enthusiasts and for health professionals.

Are you a food lover? Are you dreaming of becoming a raw food chef or a holistic nutrition coach? Are you already a chef or coach and would like to explore the world of gourmet raw food cuisine? This certification course and workshop are perfect for you whether you are a ‘beginner’ or an advanced student. You are your greatest asset. Dive into the amazing world of raw food, superfoods medicinal foods and holistic longevity nutrition!

Our Happy Students:

I've come home a completely changed woman, calm, happy, lighter and full of energy. Aurora is so much more than a talented chef and nutritionist! She's a goddess connected with earth sharing her knowledge and passion.

Jane Blackburn, UK

Thank you so much - it was brilliant! And lots of fun, Suzan

Suzan Cetinkaya, Ibiza

Loved it! For anyone who has a chance to do a raw food workshop with Aurora Ray... don't hesitate!

Oscar de Reiziger, Holland

The raw food course was really awesome , inspiring, mind opening, delicious & fun !! Thx Aurora!

Juliane Davidshofer, Switzerland

I didn’t expect it to be such delicious, nutritious and beautiful food! Thank you Aurora for opening my eyes to a new way of eating. It was great fun working with you in the kitchen!

Sally Jones, UK

Aurora Ray will be in Amsterdam again! I highly recommend this workshop. Great atmosphere and delicious healthy food. I've learned so much!

Marta Urbanovich, Holland

Been doing this beautiful raw food workshop this weekend in Amsterdam with the lovely Aurora Ray ... learnt so much great stuff !

Kirsten Starr, Holland

Neben Ihrem grossen Wissen, schafft sie es mit ihrer mega sympathischen und humorvollen Art, den Workshop zu etwas ganz besonderen zu machen. Vielen lieben Dank dafür!

Désirée -Jasmin Kiefaber, Germany

I was there last week, it was amazing!!! Raw food by a MASTER! Rom

Rom Tolk, Holland

I can highly recommend this course! Thank you Aurora!

Pauline Boom, Ibiza

I really enjoyed the course. Life changing, fun and so informative. I can't wait to put it all into practice. You are so knowledgeable with such a unique set of skills, one walks away from that course with full confidence in what they've been taught.

Deirdre O'Gara, Ireland

Jedes einzelne Gericht schmeckt hervorragend -es sieht auch noch alles wunderschön und einladend aus. Man spürt, wie viel Liebe von Aurora in den Rezepten steckt, aus denen man jede einzelne Zutat heraus schmecken kann.

Sabine Bends, Germany

Es war eine tolle Zeit mit vielen neuen Erfahrungen und Erkenntnissen und lieben Menschen! Danke Aurora

Christiane Weimar, Germany

Aurora's food is the tastiest, healthiest and most attractive I have eaten anywhere in the world. She is a consummate professional and real pleasure to work with.

Laura Jones, UK

Ich habe die drei Tage sehr genossen und fahre mit vielen neuen Ideen nach Hause!

Sabine Schmitz, Germany

Hi Aurora, I wanted to thank you personally for this weekend.
It really answered a lot of questions and reassured me that the research I have been doing is on the right path.

Devon Armogeda, USA

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Level 1

Nov 23.-24. 2019



Level 2

April 25.-26. 2020



Join the RAWvolution. Get Healthy. Be Happy.


Aurora Ray is a Master Chef, TV-Chef, Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Quantum Healer and Author of three books with 25 years of international experience in the food industry. Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe and the Middle-East where she offers certification courses and private coaching in German, English, and Farsi.