Body Mind Soul Detox

It is our connection to Earth that can bring about the most fulfilling life for any human being on this planet. Body Mind Soul Detox happens naturally through connecting to Her. Seems like, we have forgotten that Earth is our divine Mother, our greatest teacher and healer. Spending time in nature and observing a little stone, a leaf or a bird can teach us entire books of wisdom in one moment of time. Within our love to Mother Goddess Gaia lies our ticket to heaven -on Earth.

This is a lifestyle the natives and ancients honored. Their wisdom was responsible for their civilizations to thrive. Because of their mindset, they lived healthy, energetic and joyful lives, filled with love for themselves and Earth.

body mind soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies

body mind detox. soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies
Eating raw organic whole plant foods provides the body with what we need the most, life. Consequently, it’s the power of raw living foods, unheated, unpreserved, unprocessed, unchanged and straight from Mother Earth that can perform magic within the body.
body mind detox. soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies

We Are What We Eat.

We are electro-magnetic beings. Earth, plants and the human body share the exact same electro-magnetic frequency level. I.e. we need electric foods that are responsible for movement. Electric foods are alkaline foods rich in minerals. Hence, raw living plant food is our natural sustaining energy source. body mind detox. soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies

Cell Repair

and the slowing down of the aging process can only happen if we begin to nourish the body properly.

We begin to look differently at the true meaning of food and nutrition once we understand the meaning of body mind soul detox. We learn about the direct link between body, mind, emotion, spirit and Mother Earth. The mind is directly connected to the physical body and emotions are what connects us to the spiritual body. These four sacred bodies (physical-, mental-, emotional- & spiritual-body) are connected to one another. Fianly, modern lifestyle pollution through negative electro-magnetic charges like for example, wifi or TV, but also environmental pollution like chem-trails, pesticides, etc. have resulted in a disconnect between these bodies and the planetary body of Earth -the nature and root of our existence.
body mind detox. soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies

Cooked Food Is An Unnatural Stranger To The Body.

As a result, it causes the system tremendous effort to handle. Specifically certain cooked foods irritate the gut and clog the intestines. Over years and decades we accumulate waste in the gut which stops the flow of energy within the body. Therefor, a disconnect between body and mind occurs. This is a condition that limits the power of the human mind. What’s more is that if the intestines get clogged, emotional trauma gets stuck and that is where a disconnect to spirit takes place. A disconnect from spirit means a disconnect from Earth. On the contrary, raw food, unprocessed, unchanged and unheated foods create a natural body mind soul detox. This detox process has powerful grounding properties that establish a profound connection to Earth. Through healing our sacred bodies and re-connecting to Earth we embody a higher version of ourselves.
body mind detox. soul detox. clean body. earth. sacred bodies

You Are Your Greatest Asset.

Especially relevant, investing in yourself and loving yourself is the highest attainment!
Detox your body and upgrade your choices in regards to the foods you put inside your body.
Everybody who has ever experienced a proper colon cleanse knows about its significance in healing not only the physical body but also the mind, the emotions and ultimately the spirit. In addition, a proper detox program is a game changer that can put your whole life in alignment with your highest and best good.

I wish you all the best on your path to empowerment!
Aurora Ray

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