Aurora is a nutrition- health & detox coach, holistic master chef and author with 25 years of international experience in the food industry.
She was born in Tehran, raised in Frankfurt and studied in Los Angeles. She became a family and friends chef at the age of 13 and pursued her passion for food and nutrition throughout her life. In the past twenty years she has run gourmet food catering services in Germany, Iran, Los Angeles and Spain, worked internationally as a quality-control manager for numerous top restaurants, created recipes for magazines such as ‘The Master Chef Magazine Tehran’, hosted a TV cooking show on the prestigious Middle Eastern news channel Press TV and became a nutritionist. She accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge and valuable experience through traveling, studying, coaching and preparing food in many different corners of the world.

Through her experience in coaching for more than a decade, she developed a practical and comprehensive 10 step plan for healing on a quantum level (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) which is the subject of her first published book 'I AM god'.
Her second book 'Raw Living' is taking this approach to an even deeper level that focuses on an effortless integration of more conscious habits to any existing lifestyle which promotes optimal health, healing, and happiness.

Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe where she offers certification courses, health, and detox coaching in person and via Skype in German, English, and Farsi.

From 2018 Aurora's holistic nutrition and raw chef courses are available online! Offering everyone around the globe to study their favorite course from the comfort of their own home.