Guided Meditation

I am here to remind you that you did not sign up for a normal life. You are here now to remember your own divinity through exploring the realms of mystery. We were born as masters into this lifetime and we have been prepared for the assignment of assisting planet Earth during global ascension. What we need to know we already learned in many other lifetimes before and to access this galactic wisdom one must travel within.

Ascension into fifth dimensional consciousness is a journey of healing. It is love that has the power to heal and overcome all human trauma which is stored in the cells of the being.

Planet Earth is sentient. She is alive. She is a Goddess.
We know Her as Mother Nature and Her name is Gaia.
The physical body’s mother is the Goddess Gaia and while we wish to ascend out of the density and drama of a loveless third dimensional matrix system we shall not forget that it is Her ascension in frequency that enables us to ride the wave into higher realms of consciousness. 5D means matching the vibratory rate of love, unconditional love.

Grounding and earthing into the lower dimensions is what allows us to access the higher ones.
Jesus said, ‘Who wants to ascend must also descend.’
This is the lesson of the tree. Roots grounded deep into Earth and branches and leaves reach high into the sky.

Our connection to Mother Gaia is how we adjust to Her frequency.

As Heaven and Earth are about to merge once again so do we find our way back to the roots of our existence. The physical body belonging to Earth and the spiritual body returning to higher spheres of consciousness.

This guided meditation video will take you on a magical journey into the inner realms of Earth. You shall travel into the core of Gaia where you will meet your divine Mother and receive love and ascension healing from Her.

May the love & light of the divine shower your golden heads. ♥

Aurora Ray

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