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Aurora’s customized diet, nutrition and detox programs identify core issues and work toward an effortless integration of a more conscious lifestyle to promote health, healing and happiness in areas where it’s needed. 

  • detox
  • weight loss
  • age reversal
  • sound sleep
  • energy boost
  • allergy control
  • clarity of mind
  • pain management



Boost your health and your career with these courses and certification programs! Learn about the building blocks of nutrition and raw cuisine and create gourmet raw vegan food that nourishes bodies, elevates spirits, looks absolutely stunning and tastes super delicious. All courses emphasize proper use of equipment and preparation of ingredients, the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine. We hold intimate classes with personalized instruction to allow successful integration of this hands-on life-changing experience. Whether you already are a chef or desire to be one, this course is perfect for you if you want to explore the world of gourmet raw food cuisine. You are your greatest asset. Invest in yourself and dive into the future of health and food!



Longevity Nutrition & Conscious Lifestyle Powered by Raw Vegan Gourmet Recipes!
What if we could stop the aging process and live for rest of our lives with the energy of a 25 – 30 year old? What if the body could retain its youth, strength, endurance and energy? What if there was a simple solution for you to find permanent health and happiness? What if this solution would make your life easier and be greatly beneficial to Earth and every living being?

  • Find the lifestyle that will work for you!
  • Heal pain, allergy or disease!
  • Sleep like a baby!
  • Drastically raise your energy level!
  • Stop aging!
  • Become happy with your body, with yourself and with your life!
  • Prepare all your favorite meals in the most amazing and delicious raw vegan version!
  • Eat yourself, beautiful, young, healthy and happy!
  • Watch yourself transform in only 30 days!
  • Manifest the highest version of yourself!

RAW LIVING features a scrumptious collection of more than 50 gourmet raw food recipes of everyone's favorite foods in the world. The most amazing recipes for beginners as well as advanced raw food chefs for a joyful transition into a higher version of yourself.



I truly feel so amazing I can’t go back to my old habits. I have come home a completely changed woman, calm, happy, lighter and full of energy, I now know I have spent my entire life eating food that is so wrong for me. Aurora is so much more than a talented chef and nutritionist! She is a goddess connected with the earth sharing her knowledge and passion never judgmental and through her food is sharing so much love. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yours sincerely, Jane

Jane Blackburn, UK

Dearest singing raw food Queen!
Well here I am back at my desk but still feeling sooooooo good.You really put yourself 100% into our week and I thank you so much for that. In love and light, Namaste, Jean

Jean Shearn, Belgium

I didn’t expect to eat such delicious, nutritious and beautiful food! Thank you Aurora for opening my eyes to a new way of eating. It was great fun working with you in your kitchen! XX Sally

Sally Jones, UK

Aurora Ray will be in Amsterdam again! I highly recommend this workshop. Great atmosphere and delicious healthy food. I've learned so much!

Marta Urbanovich, Holland

Been doing this beautiful raw food workshop this weekend in Amsterdam with the lovely Aurora Ray ... learnt so much great stuff !

Kirsten Starr, Holland

Obwohl ich mit der Rohkostküche mittlerweile vertraut bin, habe ich noch sehr viel Neues erfahren dürfen- grossartig! Was von einer 'Schülerin' u.a von David (Avocado) Wolfe zu erwarten war. Aber nicht nur das, neben Ihrem grossen Wissen, schafft sie es mit ihrer mega sympathischen und humorvollen Art, den Workshop zu etwas ganz besonderen zu machen. Vielen lieben Dank dafür! Freu mich auf ein Wiedersehen schon ganz bald auf Ibiza

Désirée -Jasmin Kiefaber, Germany

I was there last week, it was amazing!!! Raw food by a MASTER! Rom

Rom Tolk, Holland

Das Essen ist so köstlich und so wohltuend, dass es mir in keiner Weise schwer gefallen ist, meine normale Ernährungsweise hinter mir zu lassen. Nicht nur, dass jedes einzelne Gericht hervorragend schmeckt – es sieht auch alles wunderschön und einladend aus. Man spürt, wie viel Liebe von Aurora darin steckt, und man schmeckt die exzellenten Zutaten heraus. Ich hätte Aurora am Ende am liebsten als “Privat-Verpflegerin” mit nach Hause genommen :). Es ist für mich eindeutig, dass Gott natürliches Essen für uns vorgesehen hat und nichts anderes. Danke, liebe Aurora, dass du uns wieder dorthin zurückführst! Von Herzen, Sabine

Sabine Bends, Germany

Nog niet zo lang geleden 'ontdekte' ik Raw Food, maar man man man of vrouw vrouw vrouw, wat is dàt lekker èn helemaal niet moeilijk om te maken en super gezond en geen additieven waardoor je er ook minder van eet - geen snaai gevoel krijgt door suiker -. Ik ben helemaal 'fan'!
Nu is er een hele bijzonder vrouw over uit Ibiza, haar naam is Aurora Ray en zij komt RAW FOOD WORKSHOPS geven in Amsterdam!! HOE COOL!! En betaalbaar en je gaat super lekker 3 gangen eten en plezier hebben! Dus wil je meer leren over wat Raw Food is, creatief bezig zijn, jezelf trakteren op een heerlijke hapjes (zonder schuldgevoel) en gezellige mensen erbij

Vanessa Caroline Amelia, Holland

Es war eine tolle Zeit mit vielen neuen Erfahrungen und Erkenntnissen und lieben Menschen...!
Danke Aurora

Christiane Weimar, Germany

Aurora Ray's food is the tastiest, healthiest and most attractive I have eaten anywhere in the world. She is a consummate professional and is real pleasure to work with.

Laura Jones, UK

Liebe Aurora,
ich habe die drei Tage sehr genossen und fahre mit vielen neuen Ideen nach Hause!

Sabine Schmitz, Germany

Hi Aurora,
Want to thank you so very much for guiding me. I reduced around 23 lb in 2 months since I started eating as per your suggestion. Like my dream came true. Love you and thanking you for that. Your friendship and guidance is the best thing happened with me. Much love, Pranita

Pranita Deshmukh, USA


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